Communities For Education - Our Process

NGD Communities for Education greatly speeds up the expansion process of the NGD Consortium by employing a Boots on The Ground grass roots approach where in community Warriors/Ambassadors share our products and services in their local regions.

Step 1 : Identifying Influencers & Landfill

  1. A. Begins by identifying regional and local influencers within a community. We then find or create a Community Team Leader(a paid position).
  2. B. From here, we start the process of collecting and Identifying the local landfill and all the local, state, and federal participants involved in and around the community’s local landfill.
  3. C . The information is analyzed and provided to, New Green Deal Corporation and NGD Environmental.

Step 2 : Complete Landfill Checklist

The New NGD Team Leader completes a Landfill Checklist for the community. The checklist helps CFE evaluate how best to move forward with an ideally executable Community Launch Plan.

This Plan will also provide CFE with all the demographic data of the community, and an in-depth outline of the strengths within the community, as well as all a reas of opportunity.

Step 3 : Complete Landfill Evaluation

NGD Environmental completes the Landfill Diagnostic Checklist Evaluation. America alone. There are 1600+Operating Landfills in the USA, and 50k Closed Landfills (“brownfields”) in America alone.

Step 4 : Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Once we have a landfill targeted, we use the data collected from the Landfill Evaluation to produce preliminary documents to enhance our approach and begin to build a consensus around the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS) clearly identifying and understanding any problems that may arise, we convene stakeholders, government, industry, and other voices needed to identify.
A. What success looks like
B. What the timelines are going to be
C. Who’s affected
D. The direction NGD Environmental needs to take to consummate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Agreement, a legal and binding document we implement to launch a new ALBS project.

Step 5 : Project Kick Off

Once an NGD Environmental Landfill (MOU) agreement is in place, we fund the ground game for the Team Lead / Ambassador of CFE

Additional top community influencers are brought onboard (our A- Team of Boots on the Ground Warriors), and we surround them with volunteers in order to voice ourselves socially and politically.

On average, once we settle on a targeted ALBS project we initially raise approximately $5 million dollars that is used to promote the Socially Good NGD Consortium businesses and an additional $20 million dollars is utilized to fund the modernized local community landfill.

NGD Environmental provides roughly 10% of its future revenues as a marketing expense to support the CFE boots-on-the-ground warriors and the projects they utilize to fund a community.

On Average each landfill projects first $5 million raised to modernize the local landfill is provided to the NGD Consortium

This Funding is utilized to cover the airwaves, implement the ground game marketing, and secure long-term community success for the ALBS project.

$5 million is considered to be enough to support the project's community and expand operations into additional communities.

Step 6 : Empower the community

The Greatest Tool has is the multi-functional CPa (CPa = Child ProMobile app). We laser-focus on getting the entire community to download the Child ProMobile app CPa and begin to empower and change the lives of the entire community. CFE ultimately alongside the partners within the NGD Consortium supplies a community with endless normal daily activities supporting fully funded higher education for all children within the community!

community of education

Communities For Education

CFE is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 incorporated in Florida, USA.

Communities for Education (CFE) is a coalition of organizers and volunteers united in the shared cause of education. CFE members, known as “The Resurgence Force Earth," use their diverse backgrounds to support businesses within the NGD Consortium, and any organizational efforts that strive for social good.

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